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Ted and Michael Read Sketches Into Microphones

Ted and Michael Read Sketches Into Microphones is a new sketch comedy podcast hosted by two longtime friends: Ted O’Gorman and Michael Paul Smith. It’s produced by Michael’s wife; podcaster Gillian Pensavalle (The Hamilcast, True Crime Obsessed), and features the three of them, as well as Ted’s brother Mike O’Gorman (Vice Principals, A.P Bio) in every episode. The sketches are short and often bizarre, and the genuine affection that all the people involved have for each other permeates the material, and creates the show’s unique sensibility.

Jun 26, 2019


Andre the Giant finds himself in a ball pit at Chuck ‘E Cheese.

A new Sandals resort highlights a man learning about his wife’s dark secret.

A man debriefs the feds about his alien abduction.

New footage from Apollo 11 reveals some personal conflicts.



--Andre in the Ball Pit--

Andre: Mike...

Episode Seven Transcript

Jun 22, 2019

Michael: Hello and welcome back to Ted and Michael Read Sketches Into Microphones. I’m Michael Paul Smith.


Ted: I am Ted O’Gorman. This is Episode Seven, Mike!


Michael: Yes indeed. And for our next sketch, for our first sketch of this episode, we strongly suggest that you pour yourself a tall glass of Canadian...

Jun 19, 2019

Michael describes another classic Wall Street Journal cartoon to Ted.

Michael takes us all on another sexy journey… into the shower… with him. So… sexy? You be the judge.

A new sunscreen specializes on parts that usually go unexposed to the sun.

Method actor Christopher Walken fills in for Santa Claus.


Press Kit

Jun 15, 2019


Press Kit for Ted and Michael Read Sketches Into Microphones available here:

Jun 12, 2019

Andre the Giant visits a Spanish tapas bar.

A new company offers full “fraud kits” for people who want to pretend to be successful.

A new “Twilight Zone” episode features a guy who aims to make civil rights movements and other people’s identities all about himself.



--Andre at the Tapas Bar--